Maximising Your Bathroom Space

Maximising Your Bathroom Space

Living with a small bathroom does not have to mean feeling limited and miserable. When you do the most that you can with the space that is given to you, your bathroom can reach its maximum potential. But how can you go about doing this? The below tips should provide help to get you started.

1. Change the Colour Scheme

Certain colours can make a living space appear smaller than it actually is which can make for a claustrophobic situation. By painting the walls in the bathroom a light colour, such as yellow or pink, you can ensure that nobody will feel uncomfortable when they are inside. If you are not sure about what to go with for bathroom design, check magazines or even online websites to get ideas. In addition to adding the illusion of space with new wall colours, you should make sure that the walls go well with the flooring. If they contrast too much the space will look small again.

Maximizing Your Bathroom Space

2. Throw out Unwanted Items

A small bathroom can look even smaller when you have clutter all over the place. This is not to say that you should go on a cleaning spree every day, but you should not get lazy with your cleaning, either. At least once a week, take a bag and go through your personal belongings. If you have not used an item in a long time or it has expired, throw it out. The more you are able to get rid of, the more space you will create for what you actually need. This should be included in your list of bathroom ideas for making space.

3. Use Storage Containers

Another bathroom idea you should keep in mind involves utilizing storage space. You can achieve more places to put your things with cupboards, hanging trays and shelving. Get creative with where you put these things, and have fun with it. You may need to manoeuvre around your plumbing to make more storage space, but this is not something to be afraid of. Make sure that you can reach your plumbing if need be, and do not let one spot become overstuffed.

When it comes to maximising your bathroom space, the above bathroom ideas should prove helpful. If you cannot decide on a bathroom design, look around for ideas.

Beautify Your Bathroom

Beautify Your Bathroom

Because the bathroom is such a small yet important part of your house, it can be complicated to decorate it satisfactorily. The space limitations are very real and very constrictive, and, while this can make it a simple task to decorate, it can also make it very hard to get just right. But you can’t afford to overlook the room that houses your plumbing facilities. The average person spends a lot of time in there. It is one place that’s not just popular for the facilities but is also used for grooming, thinking, reading, and even sometimes singing. And, as everyone knows, these activities are best done in a beautiful, comfortable, relaxing space. Here are some bathroom design ideas that should help get you started.

Color code this room just like you would any other room of the house. You may even want to start with stripping everything down and painting the walls a base color that you can work with. Wallpaper in select places can help add texture to the atmosphere, but use it sparingly and make sure that it falls neatly into the color scheme. The rest of the accessories and facilities should match the color of the walls. If green is your base hue, try to make everything else various shades of green with perhaps a bit of white and blue thrown in for variety.

Beautify Your Bathroom

If you prefer not to paint, at least throw in some accent pieces with bold coloring to offset the bland colors of the plumbing. White is a fine base color for this room but it’s important to add touches of other strong colors to make things more interesting. Even just a bold shower curtain that is attractive to the eye and draws in the viewer can spice things up a lot. Make sure the shower curtain matches the room’s color scheme, and pick it out with all the care you would use to choose a new piece of living room furniture.

Use open air shelves only for displaying beautiful figurines, sculptures, or works of art. In this small space where less is more, it’s usually best to pick out one main piece that you would like to show off and arrange the other bathroom design ideas around it. Hanging trays are beautiful for displaying centerpieces, but make sure to choose something soothing and soft to help keep the mood peaceful in this room. This room is one of the most used in the entire house, so don’t be afraid to choose a piece that you’d like for more than just the plumber to see. The plumber will enjoy it, but so will almost every other guest that comes over for dinner and drinks.

Make sure to have plenty of cupboard space for storing your toiletries, medicines, and other essential bathroom items. While these should not be kept out in the open, they are an important part of any bathroom, and it’s important to have ample space for them. Cupboards can be installed unobtrusively behind mirrors or beneath sinks. Make sure to use a cupboard door that is both decorative and secure.

Local Plumber

Finding the Right Local Plumber

Fortunately, in this day and age, there are probably many options for plumber services in the area in which you live. It’s what is called a buyer’s market and it means that you can be a little pickier about who choose to allow into your home to make plumbing repairs. If the amount of plumbers in your area is making your choice difficult, here are a few things you can look at when considering which is the right local plumber for you.

The first thing you should always check is whether the plumber you are considering is qualified and certified to do the jobs for which you will require him or her. Although having a license doesn’t ensure a good plumber, it does ensure a plumber that follows a certain code of rules and lives up to a certain standard.

Ask around for a couple of reviews from current or former customers of the plumbers you are considering. Ask your friends or relatives which plumbers they have used, which they consider have done a good job, and which they would never hire again. Reviews from other customers are your most valuable resources when choosing a local plumber.

Finding the Right Local Plumber

Experience is your ally when it comes to plumbers. The more experience a plumber has, the better job he or she will most likely do on your plumbing. Try to get a plumber who is rich in experience and has plenty of jobs under his or her belt. A plumber’s abilities and skills are usually directly related to the amount of experience he or she has gotten in the field.

Last of all; try to find a plumber who is passionate about what they do. A plumber with passion will pay more attention to details and do a better job than a plumber who has lost his or her spark.

Rainy Season? Tips for Flood Prevention

Rainy Season? Tips for Flood Prevention

As the rainy season dawns on this section of the globe, floods can become quite a headache for homeowners in flood-prone areas. Although the landscape of your property and zone can be a major factor in how flood-prone your home is, as can the topographical layout of the city in which you live, there are a few things you can do to minimize the likelihood of flooding in your home.

One of the best things you can do to prevent flooding is to hire a plumber to install a sump pump. When choosing a sump pump for your home, make sure to get one that is large enough to handle the amount of water that you will have to deal with. If possible, connect your sump pump to a backup source of power in case the electricity should fail right when you need it most.

Rainy Season? Tips for Flood Prevention

If you have a basement, make sure any windows are waterproof. Installing glass block windows is a great way to keep the water out of your basement. When waterproofing your basement, however, make sure that it is properly ventilated.

You can install backwater valves, both interior and exterior, in your drains to help prevent them from getting clogged by excessive water. Backwater valves work best when installed in the drains found in the lowest sections of your home such as the basement or ground floor bathrooms.

If your property is prone to flooding, make sure that all furnace, electrical panel boxes, water heaters, washing machines, and dryers are placed safely outside of potential flooding zones. These are items that can have dangerous consequences if swamped by floodwaters so, no matter how much you flood-proof your home, don’t take any risks. Install interior floodwalls around any utilities that cannot be relocated to minimize the chance of irreparable damage or serious injury in case of flooding.

Plumbers in London

Plumbers in London

We have been offering plumbing in London now for almost 25 years and being a London Plumber is different to being plumbers in any other part of the UK.

We claim that if water passes through it we can deal with it for you. This means not only repairing central heating systems and gas fired boilers but stopping a leaking pipe or clearing a blocked drain.

London Plumbers are special

London Plumbers are special plumbers as covering this wonderful city means that we work in some of the most wonderful properties probably in the world.

Our plumbers know how to respect your property and recognise the privilege of coming into your home

We know our way around the capital and live every day with the problems of parking and the congestion charge,

Our plumbers in London are Gas Safe Registered

All our plumbers at London Plumbers are fully qualified and experienced at whatever work we ask them to do.

Our gas engineers are all Gas Safe Registered and electricians also all qualified to carry out your work safely

24hr Emergency Plumbing in London

We provide a 24hr emergency plumbing service that covers all areas inside the M25 and some outside it.

Blocked Drain service

The engineers on our London Drain clearance service are all equipped with the latest power jetting equipment to clear the most stubborn blockages and also CCTV equipment to survey the drains for you.

Blocked drains in London can prove to be the most difficult to clear and unless done with the right equipment cause a great deal of disturbance to neighbouring properties.

Plumbers Emergency London

Boiler Servicing and Repairs

At Plumbers in London we recognise the importance of servicing central heating boilers regularly and the terrible risks associated with badly serviced appliances. Call us on 08001 123999 to get your equipment checked out

New Boiler Installations in London

Let us give you a free estimate for a new boiler to replace your old one. Ask about our special deals. We can offer you a wide range of gas or oil fired boilers to suit your needs.

Electrical Maintenance in London

To support our London Plumbers we have a team of electricians who are available to handle your electrical emergencies

New Bathrooms

A new bathroom creates the WOW factor in your home and we can offer you some fantastic bathrooms. London has homes that have some of the most amazing bathrooms in the world, talk to us about your bathroom without obligation.

Central Heating London

Central Heating

The temperature of our homes and our hot water has a huge impact on our comfort and our budget. As such, it is important to ensure it is delivering exactly what you want as cost effectively as possible.

Whatever your central heating or hot water needs, my London plumber’s highly trained Gas Safe registered engineers are happy to discuss your requirements, and advise on costs and potential solutions. We will then complete the work for you with the minimum disruption possible. All of our engineers work to the same high standards that my London plumber’s reputation has been built on.

Central Heating London

Our Central Heating and Hot water services:

  • Boiler fault finding and repairs
  • Annual Boiler Servicing
  • New and replacement Energy Efficient condensing boilers
  • Designing and installing heating systems
  • Central Heating fault finding and repairs
  • Central Heating Controls Fitted
  • Thermostatic Radiator Valves
  • Gas fire servicing, install and decommission
  • Gas fire installation
  • Hot Water cylinder maintenance, servicing and installation
  • Under floor heating
  • Power flush
  • Radiator sizing, renewalls and installation
  • System treatment – powerflush, magnaclean, inhibiter etc.

Plumbing Services London

Plumbing Services

Whatever your plumbing needs, we are available 24hrs a day, with our no call out fee assurance, our highly trained Gas Safe registered engineers are on-hand to assess your issue and advise on the best, most cost effective solution to all of your plumbing requirements. From the smallest tap repair to major bathroom refurbishments you can call us with confidence that we have the skills and experience

Our Pricing

One thing we won’t do is cut corners, having said that although we will never be the cheapest quote you get we do everything we can to provide excellent value for money, even down to charge per 1/4 hour not 1/2.

What You Can Count ON

My London Plumber has a promise. We promise to our work with a minimum of disruption. To arrive on time when we say we will or to inform if if that is no longer possible. We guarantee our work for 1year
Plumber Services in London

Simple Plumbing Repairs

There are so many little things that can go wrong with plumbing and plumbing devices in our homes. Most of the time we can just ignore them without much impact, like a leaky tap or a constantly dripping toilet flush. Over time however these things tend to either get worse or fail all together. When this happens, the cost to repair tends to be higher and requires either a full replacement of parts or at the very least, a larger repair job. We recommend that you address these smaller issues as they happen. With the convenience of “local to you” engineers, with our no-call-charge assurance, think of us as your plumbing handymen.

Larger Project Based Work

Eddie Plumber engineers are highly experienced accross many disciplines. We are able to fully manage all elements of your repair/refurbishment or installation. When you commission a job through us, we do everything we can to provide you the peace of mind that it will be completed within your budget, on-time and to your absolute satisfaction

Plumbers Boiler Repair and Central Heating

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